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Forward Thinking
>> Med One's Rental Customer Portal

Written By: Craig Burton

Forward Thinking: Med One's Rental Customer Portal

Although Med One started as a leasing and finance company, it has grown its rental business into a key element of our success. One of the things that Med One does differently is providing exceptional customer support. One component that has become a big part of the support we offer is our Rental Customer Portal. As the web developer that created the portal, I want to talk about it’s features and why it is an important tool.

There are many different rental providers out there. Our portal is one way that we differentiate ourselves from our competitors. Even though other companies have rental portals, we have spent the time to make sure ours is done in a way that is easy to use but powerful and elegant.

Our rental customers are given a login that allows them to go onto our website and view details about all of the equipment they have out on rent, make additional equipment requests, and more. This doesn't replace human interaction but gives our customers an additional user-friendly way to get the information they need and manage their rental equipment.

The entire application is built to be mobile-friendly. This allows customers to access the portal from anywhere. With the widespread use and power of cell phones, it is more important than ever to cater to mobile phone users. This also saves time for customers and Med One employees. Customers don't have to call in or email Med One every time they require details about their rental equipment or need to make requests.

>> Rental Portal Overview

There are multiple useful pages of the rental customer portal. The home page provides an overview of all the equipment that the facility has out on rent. They can see quantities of each model on rent and details for each individual piece such as serial numbers, transfer dates, PM due dates, and safety sheets.

Another section on the home page shows additional commonly rented models that the customer either has rented in the past or could be something they are interested in renting based on their rental history. Pieces of equipment can be added to a cart directly from the home page to request a delivery. This is an easy way to request more pieces of equipment from a customer’s existing pool of rentals and others that are commonly rented. A search bar is also available on the home page to search through our entire inventory of equipment.

You can also browse our entire inventory of equipment by category in the equipment inventory section. If the equipment you need isn't on your home page, you can dig deeper into our large pool of available equipment. We have everything from infusion pumps, ventilators, monitors, humidifiers, beds, and many other types of equipment.

An easy-to-use page has been created to facilitate pick-up requests. Just select the devices you want to be picked up, enter a pick-up location, and quantity. Our responsive drivers will be on their way to pick up the rental equipment you no longer need. The history section shows a list of when pick-ups and deliveries occur. This allows facilities to track the status of all of their rental equipment, so they know exactly when things have arrived and left their facility. Another tab shows a history of requests made through the portal.

Rental Customer Portal Home Screen

The next section gives users access to a history of their invoices. They are broken out by month. A pdf copy can be downloaded for reference as well. The next page shows relevant contact info should customers need to get in touch with a Med One rep.

With the current trend of everything transitioning online, it is more important than ever to offer a robust online experience to customers. The many useful features of Med One’s rental customer portal give customers everything they need to manage rental equipment at their fingertips. We are continually looking at ways to improve the portal and are planning to add even more tools. Med One is moving on into the future and is bringing our rental customers with us.

>> Rental Portal Stats


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>Most Common Type of Equipment Requested

Hospital Beds and Mattresses

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