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Success Stories

Success Stories

Dal Holman

In April of 2020, America was in the early stages of the COVID-19 Pandemic. One area that was hit particularly hard was the state of New York. In the years leading up to 2020, Med One had helped a hospital in the New York area acquire some medical equipment that they desperately needed but did not have the capital funds available to make the purchase. Med One structured a lease that would fit within their budget and allow them to get the much-needed equipment. When this hospital found themselves in a frantic situation due to COVID-19, they once again found themselves in desperate need of equipment. The particular piece of medical equipment the hospital was interested in is designed to help control body temperature in patients with dangerously high fevers. The hospital did not have previous experience with this equipment and reached out to Med One, as a trusted partner, to see if we could recommend a manufacturer of the equipment. Med One was able to help connect the hospital and the manufacturer, who happens to be one of our vendor partners, all while creating a lease option that allowed them to acquire the much-needed equipment.

Dal Holman - Equipment Finance Sales Executive

Kyle Smelser

Med One recently replaced another provider on low air loss mattress rentals at a skilled nursing facility in Vista, California. The admissions director of that facility has been able to increase patient intake due to Med One’s ability to deliver rental items 24 hours, every day. The group appreciates Med One’s quality products and their new ability to increase admissions and revenue.

Kyle Smelser - Territory Sales Manager

Jeremy Quick

At Med One, we have the advantage of being able to offer quality single-use, off-lease medical equipment to our customers who either aren’t able to afford or have access to brand new equipment. With the higher demand this year for infusion pumps due to COVID-19 and numerous pump vendors currently on FDA recall, Med One has assisted numerous hospitals to purchase quality refurbished infusion pumps to meet their needs. Our in-house biomed department fully refurbishes these pumps, so the hospitals get the equipment they need that allows them to care for their patients. We have also been helping EMS companies, nursing schools, research facilities, and clinics nationwide who need access to this very same equipment. Through our equipment sales department, we have helped a number of customers this year get the complete infusion pump solution to meet their immediate needs. We also use Med One’s united teamwork of biomed, rental, and leasing reps that listen to their customers’ needs to make sure we provide them the appropriate complete solution and make sure customer and patient needs are met correctly and efficiently.

Jeremy Quick - National Sales Manager - Equipment Sales

Theresa Warren

My work here at Med One is extremely rewarding as I am able to help my hospitals and skilled care nursing facilities help their patients with medical equipment they need. One particular example was a patient (a younger man) who had part of his foot amputated due to complications from diabetes. My skilled nursing facility was at their wit's end with his case to help him heal and control the infection. I offered a clinically proven negative pressure device that we have available to assist in the healing of this patient. It was extremely successful, and they were very grateful to know that Med One always works with them as a team finding solutions on a case-by-case basis! The customer was so happy because the patient was so despondent because he’s young and he’s in this condition. Now we offered a healing solution! Every time I see them, he’s getting better, plus has a more positive outlook on life now!

Theresa Warren - Territory Sales Manager

Tim Loftis

Recently, I completed a complex leasing project in the West Region, involving a nine-hospital group within a large IDN. The process involved coordination with Directors of Clinical Resources, Contracting, Materials Management, Pharma, and CFOs at each hospital as well as approvals at the divisional and corporate levels. In addition, we worked as a team with the representatives and regional leadership for the vendor. As is often the case, third party leasing can be unfamiliar territory to many of the individuals in this type of complex project, so communication, education, and clarity are critical to a smooth and seamless process.

The project progressed over several months as we worked as a team through several iterations of equipment changes to pinpoint and fulfill the exact needs of each hospital. When the project was finally complete, I asked the Clinical Resource Director who was leading the project how she felt the process went and if there were any areas we could improve.

She replied, “I did not hear much at all – so that means it went great! Thanks for all of your help and stepping us through what needed to be done.”

There’s great satisfaction in knowing that Med One is so competent and attentive that our customers don’t notice that we’re doing our job so they can keep focused on theirs.

Tim Loftis - Equipment Finance Sales Executive

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