Med One to One Spring/Summer 2021 ISSUE 67

Employee Spotlights

BRANDON SOUTH DRIVER / ALPHARETTA Brandon South I was born at Kennestone Hospital in Kennesaw, GA. I am a single father of two beautiful daughters: Zoie, 13, and Storie, 12. I am the oldest of three brothers: me, 36; Josh, 33; and Logan, 25. I’m fortunate and blessed to still have a mom and dad, who are both remarried. I enjoy spending time with my kiddos, playing sports (especially softball and basketball), watching sports, and cars. In my spare time, I am with my girls when it’s my weekend because they are my world and what I live for. We go shopping, to the movies, theme parks, or wherever we can and are always looking for something new and fun to get into.

I graduated from East Paulding High School in 2003 and had a scholarship to play basketball at Life University, but they lost their accreditation, so I didn’t go. Since I was five years old, basketball has been my love – until my near-death experience two years ago. Since then, I have pretty much retired, you could say. In July of 2019, I woke up in the hospital out of a diabetic coma, blood clot, and stroke and was in the hospital for a month. I spent the next five months recovering, rehabbing, and learning to walk, talk, and think all over again.

I am a driver and also work in the warehouse at Med One. I do a little bit of everything and am constantly learning and doing more each and every day. I like the friendly family environment I get to work in every day, along with the close bond I have with Chad and Nick. Every day is a growing and learning experience at Med One, and I look forward to helping move Med One into the future.

Yolanda Dugarte BIOMED EQUIPMENT CLEANER / SANDY Yolanda Dugarte I came from the beautiful country of Venezuela and was born in the capital, Caracas. I am the youngest in my family and have three brothers and one sister. We are all still very close. After graduating from the Catholic high school I attended, I started at a university but couldn’t finish my education at that time because I got married and almost immediately got pregnant with my beautiful daughter, Melanie. When she was four years old, I resumed and finished my studies.

For many years, I visited Miami, until one day, I came and did not return to Venezuela. At that time, I also decided to send my daughter to Spain because the political situation in Venezuela was very dangerous and very insecure. It was a difficult and sad decision, but I don’t regret it anymore. Presently she lives in Cannes, France, married to a lovely guy, Jean Phillipe, and has a son named Emilio, who is eight years old and is my pride and joy. She also has two step-daughters, whom I consider my granddaughters too. I try to visit them every year.

I am a very happy person and like to dance – I always won dance contests at parties. I also love camping, the beach, and playing cards with friends. When I lived in Miami, my friends and I would play cards weekly and compete to see who would bring the best food. I love to travel and spent one year in northern Italy in the Emilia-Romaña region, where they make parmesan cheese. When I lived there, I had the chance to do a lot of traveling and got to visit most of Europe. I have also visited many countries in South America.

I have been in Utah for almost three years and started at Med One two years ago. From the first moment, I knew I was very lucky to be part of such an important company. I work in medical equipment services with a wonderful team. I have loved my job from the very beginning, and I am very proud and grateful to have Luis Aguirre (who is Colombian!) as my boss. We are a happy group of people doing our best to supply care, equipment, and service to our customers, especially now. We feel our jobs contribute a great deal to help with the COVID-19 pandemic.

I don’t have family here, but I do have very good friends and like living here. Med One is my family. I have found peace and happiness, so my life will continue here. I have grown as an individual over the last two years, and I know there is more to come. I am very proud and happy to be part of the great Med One Group team!