Med One to One Spring/Summer 2021 ISSUE 67

View From The Field Sacramento, CA Distribution Office

View From The Field
Sacramento, CA

Written By: Jesse Villanueva

Here at the Sacramento branch, we go above and beyond to serve not only the Sacramento area but also facilities in Fresno, Reno, and Oroville. With the recent growth of our location, we are now also happily servicing Yuba City.

Since my first day as the Sacramento manager, I have strived to maintain the quality of our service every day. With the help of our drivers, who work different shifts around the clock, and one biomed technician, we deliver greatness 24/7. Dathan Calvert, Operations Manager, has made me a better manager all around. He has taught me from the ground up how to be the best at what we do.

The newest addition to our facility, Josh, our biomed, makes sure we have patient-ready equipment, so our drivers, Angelo and Alejandro, deliver in a timely and accurate manner. With Josh’s background as a biomed tech, his skills and attention to detail have helped the office run smoothly and efficiently. He has done an amazing job learning The Med One Way, our equipment, and keeping up on PMs.

As a team, we have created a great bond with our clients by checking in with them daily. We stay ahead of the game by asking one simple question, “Is there anything else you will need?” This helps us anticipate our next orders and prepare our vehicles to decrease delivery time and increase customer satisfaction.

Besides customer service, the number one thing we focus on is safety. With our weekly meetings, we ensure our team stays up to date on protocols, COVID-19 restrictions, and equipment training. Everyone cleans the warehouse and vehicles diligently. The vehicles get cleaned before and after each shift to keep each other safe. With the help of our sales rep, Jay, who provides in-house training, our drivers are able to get trained properly and stay updated on equipment. The more they know, the more they can help our customers. The Sacramento team not only helps each other, but we closely work with the Hayward and San Jose teams. We have almost weekly meet-ups in Vacaville or Tracy to make sure patients and our clients don’t go without the proper equipment.

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We value everything that we do for Med One. We have a great support system, and everyone is always willing to help no matter what the situation is. I really enjoy working here, and the atmosphere is great. Dathan has been a great help and has made a major impact on the Sacramento office. We work together, making sure we get all the equipment needed for the customer and making sure we meet their needs in a timely manner as we strive to continually provide exceptional customer service to our area.

"As a team, we have created a great bond with our clients by checking in with them daily. We stay ahead of the game by asking one simple question."