Med One to One Spring/Summer twenty twenty-two ISSUE 71

one team.
one mission.

Written By: Troy Tait

I am not what I would call “a meeting person.” In fact, my favorite meeting is one that doesn’t happen. I know they are necessary and generate positive results, but I am one who looks for reasons not to have a meeting versus trying to find reasons to have one. Ironically, one of my favorite things about Med One is a meeting.

Each year we have the opportunity to participate in our Annual Meeting. For the past ten years, we have held this meeting at the Montage Deer Valley Resort in Park City, Utah. The setting, combined with an agenda filled with presentations from employees, makes for an amazing experience. This year was no exception, and it was a remarkable time. I gained so much insight and knowledge as I listened to the different perspectives of so many from within our organization. Two highlights would be presentations from our two owners, Brent Allen and Larry Stevens. It is always great to hear from them as they share messages of their vision of where Med One has been and, more importantly, where we are going.

Mark Scharenbroich

On the final night, we had a nice dinner followed by a guest speaker – Mark Scharenbrioch. Each year we follow the same format, concluding with a guest speaker. This year’s message was centered on Mark’s book – Nice Bike. It was a great message that was very meaningful and a perfect ending to a great meeting.

Our theme for this year’s meeting was One Team. One Mission. The message of this theme was really magnified, not by something that was said or happened at the meeting but by something that didn’t happen. Let me explain. Many years ago, when we started regularly holding our annual meeting, we were able to bring in every employee. As we have grown over the years, it has been increasingly difficult to have everyone attend in person.

When I reflect on the theme, my thoughts really turn to those who were not in attendance. They were able to hear the messages – some while watching the live stream and others who viewed the recorded version. They didn’t get to have the same experience as those in attendance. While many of them would love to have joined us at the Montage, their work – taking care of our customers – was more important. For me, these individuals really exemplified the meaning of our theme – One Team. One Mission.

I look forward to our Annual Meeting again in 2023. Yes, it is great to spend time at a nice resort, but it is even better to spend time with people who work hard every day to make a difference - whether they are participating in person or virtually.