Med One to One Winter/Spring 2023 ISSUE 74


Written By: Spence Tueller

The Human body is amazing, and the longer I live, the more I marvel at its ability to function, adapt and heal. Did you know the average heart will beat about 115,000 times and pump about 2,000 gallons a day?

The fastest muscle in you body is the eye, the orbicularis oculi, which is capable of contracting in less than 1/100th of a second.

The human brain has a memory capacity which is equivalent of more than four terabytes on a hard drive. Every second, your body produces 25 million cells, reproduced from the template of our DNA.

As I get a little older, I appreciate my health more and more, and give thanks for the incredible capacity of the human body.

This past year I learned quite a lot about the appendix. It is a small organ that stores and releases good bacteria into our digestive system and becomes a big pain in your side when inflamed. After a grueling night of stomach pain, I reluctantly decided to go to the hospital for some testing.

It was determined by the medical team that my appendix was inflamed and needed to be removed. Several hours later, I was wheeled into surgery where laparoscopically, a General Surgeon removed my appendix. Unfortunately, for me that wasn’t the end of it. I continued to have issues with my digestive system and more complications surfaced. More appointments with some doctors and the surgeon created more questions and uncertainty.

About a month after my appendectomy, I was feeling awful and was advised to go back into the ER for evaluations. The results from another CT scan showed a perforation in my colon and high levels of infection in my digestive system. The concern grew more serious. I was directed by the medical team to go to a larger more capable hospital where I would be under the care of a doctor and his staff that specialized in my condition.

doctor talking to patient

The specialized doctors carefully reviewed all my info and test results and decided on a treatment plan for me and my condition. This is when things began to change for the better. These doctors were specialists, experts in their field. They asked good questions, listened more acutely, confinded in knowing wht to do and doing it right, and with their expertise put me back on a path to healing.

From this personal experience, I have come to better appreciate a Specialist! Someone who can really understand the problem or issue at hand and based on their experience and expertise provide effective solutions and ultimately desired results.

Like other industries, the medical equipment rental and finance industry needs specialists. Healthcare and hospital end-users looking to utilize creative equipment acquisition options need specialists to help them navigate a course to the right solution. They need someone who knows what questions to ask, what budget to use, what exceptions can be made, how to negotiate an agreement, etc.

These docTors were specialisTs, experTs in Their field. They asked good quesTions, lisTened more acuTely, confidenT in knowing whaT To do and doing iT righT, and wiTh Their experTise puT me back on a paTh To healing.

Likewise, equipment manufacturers trying to identify additional paths to selling their equipment and services for those customers that do not have capital/cash need a specialist to work with to help them develop the right solution. Internally, at Med One we spend a lot of time and effort working to become a certain type of specialist that we call trusted advisors. By earning that title, we can be trusted to help facilities acquire necessary equipment with creative and thoughtful solutions. We have a specialized interest in the needs of vendors, customers, and facilities while also having the knowledge and dedication it takes to call ourselves specialists and get necessary equipment into the hands of those who need it most.

healThcare and hospiTal end-users looking To uTilize creaTive equipmenT acquisiTion opTions need specialisTs To help Them navigaTe a course To The righT soluTion.

We enjoy making medical equipment available in creative, simple, and responsive ways. In 2023, it will be essential to provide finance solutions that align with the customer’s budget needs and equipment acquisition strategies. If you have an opportunity you are working on where a creative, flexible finance solution may help close the deal, please reach out to me or one of my associates here at Med One to discuss. We would love the opportunity to work with you!

Specialist in our Field


Trusted Advisor to our Customers and Vendors


Closed Deals


Business Growth and Business Objectives Accomplished