Med One to One Spring/Summer 2023 ISSUE 75

Peace of Mind

Written By: Robb Stevens

No worries. That’s ultimately the goal of all customer service efforts. No company should ever be okay with their customers worrying or stressing about what’s going to happen next. Unfortunately, worries cannot always be completely eliminated in a health care setting. There are so many unknowns that can take people far away from the peace of mind they deserve. The best that anyone in health care can do is take on the challenge to try and eliminate as many sources of worry and concern as possible and to provide reassurance and predictability.

At hospitals, patients and caregivers alike may experience many different emotions like frustration, stress, unease, pain, worry, hopelessness, despair, and uncertainty just to name a few. One thing that is too often in short supply in the world of health care is peace of mind. Every time Med One delivers a piece of equipment aiding in patient care, we are also delivering a little peace of mind.

Put simply, anything short of peace of mind means people are not at their best. When people are not at their best, outcomes will be less than optimal.

Peace of mind is not just a critical need, it is the most critical need. In a world filled with anxiety, rancor, insecurity, and despair, peace of mind is of paramount importance. It may be a tall order to think lasting peace of mind is even achievable. It may be, but it is nevertheless worth aspiring to.

The best companies achieve excellence in three key areas: People, Product and Purpose. We believe in our people who do an excellent job of making life saving medical equipment available to caregivers who can then more effectively care for their patients. The product Med One sells then, has essentially become our purpose as well. The overarching purpose is to positively impact human lives as a participant in the delivery of health care.

When a company can unify around its purpose, the people buy-into it and find themselves not simply selling a product, but working toward a cause that gives them a sense of individual purpose as well. In Med One’s case, providing peace of mind through what we offer has become a large part of our purpose.

Our Rental Equipment gets high marks from customers for being clean, in good working order, and for the timely manner in which it is delivered. By ensuring our equipment is top-notch, providers can rest assured that at least this aspect of their caregiving is predictable, reliable, and consistent which then allows them to focus more fully on caring for their patients.

From origination to lease maturity, customers that lease through Med One can likewise be confident that they’re getting a fair and honest deal every single time they choose to work with us.

Peace of mind through what we offer has become a large part of our purpose.
Concerned loved ones and those being treated, have no idea that Med One is contributing to their treatment solution, but upstream or not, we do help deliver peace of mind. Whether our customers realize it, whether we even fully understand it, peace of mind for our customers matters and speaks to the heart of our mission.

The role that Med One plays in the delivery of healthcare is vital but indirect. With rare exceptions, none of us at Med One actually see our rented or leased equipment in person or being used by/for a person! This indirect involvement could lead to a business approach that is transactional or process-oriented, but delivering peace of mind requires overcoming this tendency and focusing on the impact we have on those we will never meet.

Simon Sinek said: “Great companies don’t offer us something to buy. Great companies offer us something to buy into.” (Simon Sinek)

With a strong focus on quality experiences that bring peace of mind to our customers, our excellent people certainly buy into the good that we are doing and will continue to sell and deliver outstanding equipment that has a tremendous impact on human lives.