Med One to One Spring/Summer 2023 ISSUE 75

View From the Field - San Jose, CA

San Jose, CA

Written By: Jeremy Nepacena

Here at Med One in San Jose, teamwork is a vital part of how we function, which aligns with “United Teamwork” from The Med One Way. Effective communication between all team members is the foundation of our day-to-day operations. When multiple orders are requested at the same time, I know I can count on Lisa, our Operations Specialist, to gather detailed information for each order. Torrance, our Lead Driver, uses this information to coordinate the team so items are delivered efficiently to each customer.

We also have the support of Anthony, the lead Biomed based out of Hayward, who ensures equipment is patient ready and meets Med One standards. He also mentors our new Biomed, Marcel.

We recently acquired another account based on customer referrals. We seek to provide excellent customer service, so these referrals continue to grow. Last Wednesday, I was pleasantly surprised by our first Google review that provided great feedback from a customer!

Burbank, CA

February this year, we hired a new driver named Iven. He helped decrease the overall workload for the team and tackled sanitization tasks. Our equipment rented out assists people who often are in a battle with serious medical problems. The San Jose team, which includes Lisa, Torrance, Iven, Francisco, Marcel, and me all deeply understand the impact our rental equipment has on the lives of people who use them. We treat every delivery with the same support and compassion we would use for our own loved ones. This support transfers across all team members to our customers so they feel the care we provide through our services.

We understand that our customers are often dealing with stressful and time-sensitive situations. We strive to make the rental process simple and as seamless as possible. From delivery and setup to maintenance and support, the San Jose team is committed to our customers. We make sure every customer has what they need to provide the best possible care to patients. Working at Med One is both challenging and rewarding.The satisfaction of knowing we help healthcare providers save lives and improve patient outcomes makes it all worthwhile.

Burbank, CA Burbank, CA Burbank, CA