Med One to One Summer/Fall 2023 ISSUE 76

View From the Field - Woodstock, GA


By Chad Agliam

Chad Agliam: 6 years have flown by here in Georgia. Many different pieces of equipment have been processed and countless amounts of customers satisfied during that time. Our Georgia team started off in a 3,300 square foot facility, where we excelled during growing pains and a pandemic. We loved this space; it was the first rental office in Georgia, and we called it home for 6 years. Med One has recently blessed us with a beautiful 8,000 square foot facility. This facility has given us room to upgrade our biomed work areas and equipment/parts storage capabilities. This office has really improved every facet of our operation. With the help of Dathan Calvert and the VIZIO blueprint, I know every square inch of our new facility will be utilized to its fullest potential. We are excited for the growth here in the Southeast region and we now have the facility to back up any potential growth for years to come. It is crazy to look back and see how far we’ve come and exciting to see how far we can go.

I can go on and on about how our new facility has positively impacted day-to-day operations and prepares us for the future. But why not hear it from the gentlemen who operate and utilize the

Donnie Poles: The location change has been very beneficial to our staff, which was previously in Alpharetta, GA. First and foremost, it has impacted our productivity a great deal. The new location at 105 Smokehill Lane in Woodstock, Georgia has been a blessing especially because we have 4x more space to work on and store patient-ready equipment. In addition to the bigger warehouse space, the biomed area is brand new and spacious. I’m able to store more parts and equipment to be worked on in my biomed space. The configuration is great. I have 4 big desks to complete my work on. In addition to the space, our 02 and air lines run through the walls, and we have access to O2 and air right at our work bench. Having a bigger space is also beneficial for our customer base, we can offer equipment that we previously could not because of the space constraints we faced at our old location in Alpharetta. We can provide hospital beds of all types to better serve our customers who need rental beds. In addition, we are closer to most of the major interstates, which cuts down on our delivery and pick-up times for our drivers. Overall, the new location and building has positively impacted every aspect of work here at Med One.

Mark Cabrera: I would lie if I said the transition was anything but smooth as we all find our role setting up our new home. It took some hard work, but with our Operational Manager’s guidance and each other’s support, we got this office running in no time! I love our new home. Compared to our last one in Alpharetta, this location has room for not just one biomed, but for two! We can work on multiple units at once in our own comfort. The commute here and back to work saves me half the time prior to going to the Alpharetta location in the past. So, that is a huge plus. The transition has not just impacted me as an individual, but I can tell the new location has boosted the morale of our team. Our work efficiency has also risen to accommodate the new upscale sizing of our facility here in Woodstock. We can park wherever we want at our new location. Which is great, because at our old location, we had assigned lots. I love our conference room as it makes you feel that you are a part of something even greater at Med One. Overall, this new office is a great adjustment for our team. I look forward to making new memories here.

Chad in Woodstock, GA office Donnie in Woodstock, GA office Mark in Woodstock, GA office

Alex Westmoreland: Moving to a new place is always challenging but here at Med One we overcome and adapt to such challenges. It is adventurous and fun to be in a new place and have new surroundings. Luckily the Woodstock location is filled with a variety of different locations to eat as well as a gas station less than a mile away. As a driver, having a gas station right next to our facility saves us a great amount of time and stress. In the Woodstock location, we are closer to many of our accounts, and that is great for our response times and business with our customers. The warehouse we moved into is huge compared to the Alpha- retta location. This allows us to have our own space to ourselves when needed and more space for equipment and organization. I feel like our new Warehouse is better organized and the equipment is much easier to find and locate overall. One of the biggest advantages the Woodstock warehouse has is the A/C unit. I remember during the summer in Alpharetta cleaning pumps in the back of the warehouse while it felt like 120 degrees. Now in Woodstock we have A/C to keep us nice and cool and heat for the winter. This will help our productivity. Eventually we will have pallet racks throughout the warehouse to stack beds onto. We also recently got a forklift to help us do such things. These things would not have been doable in the much smaller building in Alpharetta. Overall, the A/C & heat, amount of space, local amenities, being closer to clients, and business growth are all huge advantages of moving to the new Woodstock location. I think Med One Woodstock is heading in the right direction, and I look forward to continuing to witness us grow and excel at this new location.

Brandon South: Where to begin...after all I have just reached my 5-year anniversary with Med One and have seen a lot. I’ll start from the beginning when I first started with Med One. We were in Alpharetta, Georgia in a small end of a warehouse building what at times seemed no bigger than a studio apartment. I met Chad who is the boss and runs the ship. It was a very easy transition in getting to know the medical side as Chad was going above and beyond in teaching and instilling knowledge into me to go out and succeed with our customers, attract new ones, and build a long-lasting relationship. Oh boy were the times different as we had to print out 2 copies of tickets. The customer got one, and they had to sign one for us to keep on record as we didn’t have the signature on the phone yet. At that time, we didn’t have a biomed as Chad would work on everything unless not familiar with equipment. In that case, we would have somebody come out and work on the equipment.

Everything was going swell until July 2018, where I woke up in the hospital from a Diabetic Coma, Stroke and, Blood Clot and stayed in the hospital for a month in which Chad and his family as well as Bryan came to see me in the hospital which meant the world to me and will never forget! I then went to my mom’s after being released from the hospital and rehabbed physically, mentally and emotionally for 6 months.

Then 2020 came and a Pandemic sent the world into a frenzy as we got busier and busier. By that time, we had more than outgrown our place in Alpharetta and needed more room, so we found a new and bigger warehouse in Woodstock, Georgia in 2022. Although it was a new part of the state it worked out better for most everyone as it was closer to their homes and closer to more of our customers. As our new warehouse has bigger space, it allows us to bring in more equipment for our customers and hopefully become the hub for the East coast. The best part of all of this is the people I get to work with day in and day out. Chad, I consider family—like a brother who has been there for me in the best of times and the worst of times. Bryan as well as Chad came to my mother’s funeral in 2021 and have always been there when needing info about equipment or anything related to Med One. There is Alex, who has been a great addition to the Med One family in servicing our customers’ needs and wants and always being positive in day-to-day tasks. There is also Donnie and Mark who service equipment to get it in and out to our customers whenever needed. The Woodstock, Georgia location is like a tight knit family who go above and beyond for each other to get the job done in so many ways. It’s nice to have a job that you can come to daily knowing that it’s a comfortable and friendly environment to be in on a regular basis. One of the best jobs, if not the best job, I’ve ever had!

Alex in Woodstock, GA office Brandon in Woodstock, GA office Woodstock, GA office