Med One to One Fall/Winter 2023 ISSUE 77

Employee spotlights

Employee Spotlights

Eric// Lead Delivery Driver

Bienvenidos, welcome to a glimpse of my life. I’m Eric Alcocer, and I am the Lead Medical Equipment Delivery Driver for Med One Group.

Working for this company has been a great asset in my life and improved my quality of living simply because it’s something that I really enjoy doing. I am a firm believer that we should all love what we do.

I grew up in Southeast Los Angeles and became known to be a man of integrity. A few of my hobbies consist of spending time with family, especially spending time with my kids.

I also like watching sports—all kinds, and I of course love driving down Whittier Blvd with my Dodge.

One of my strongest traits is the ability to be very motivational inwardly, but also to be able to motivate the rest of my team members. I always strive for a positive outcome and like to stay focused on that.

Thank you, Med One Group and all of our customers and partners, for the opportunities, and I look forward to a busier and brighter future.

Zack// Territory Sales Manager

I was born in Riverside, CA on horse property. I do have one younger sister, but there was always cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and other family around. As a big group, I remember going to Mammoth Mountains in central California, to the Colorado river in Arizona, and on hikes all over California with my grandparents and first cousins.

Growing up, I had chores taking care of the horses, I played baseball, I went hunting and fishing with my dad and his dad. In high school, an art requirement put me in set construction rather than my requested ceramics. That fluke assignment introduced me to a great teacher and mentor and the whole industry around theatrical backstage and production. I followed that success to a bachelor’s degree in theatrical production and stage management but more importantly, being around those people and that industry broke me out of my shell and was my first introduction to managing a team.

I started with Med One in early 2020 and moved to NC in June 2020. I have always been an avid reader and recently found a love for podcasts, specifically about history and self-improvement. In August of 2023, I moved into the territory sales position for VA and eastern NC. I love how Med One is patient centered. I love how Med One has challenged me to grow and better myself. I appreciate the opportunities I have been given within the company and in my life as a whole.

LuLu// Sr. Marketing Specialist

I’m LuLu, and I work in the marketing department at Med One. I work on a lot of different things in my role here like writing and editing (including for this publication!), design work, and supporting our salespeople and different branches with whatever marketing materials they need.

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English from BYU-Idaho in 2013. I was a high school English teacher for six years, and really enjoyed it, but I was getting burned out and decided to make a change.

I have been married for 8 years to my better half, Devin. We met while finishing up our schooling in Las Vegas in 2013, were married there in 2015, and lived in East Vegas for about five years before moving. I grew up in Washington, and he grew up in Oregon, so we love the PNW. We are pretty typical millennial pet parents and spoil our dog Schatzi and two cats Luke Skysquawker and Puff Daddy (their friends just call them Luke and Puff). We both love animals and spent a few years fostering cats and dogs for The Animal Foundation in Las Vegas—a really great place to volunteer if you’re in the area and like animals. Other than that, I enjoy traveling, reading, writing, gardening, design, and Nintendo games.

I’m glad I get to work at Med One. I really enjoy working with all of my coworkers and consider them friends, and I enjoy the work I do here.

Sami// Collections Specialist

In case you already didn’t know me, my name is Samantha, but I go by Sam or Sami. I have been working at Med One for about a year and a half now, and I absolutely love the culture everyone has built here.

It is so rare that employers really care about their employees, and I would say we are lucky enough to be a part of the few to say that our employers DO care!

I have a couple of hobbies, of which include horseback riding, video games (I should totally be in IT), and I also love being active! I have been riding horses for close to 15 years, and I compete to this day! I do compete less due to the fact that I am also doing college full time, as well as working! I am going to the University of Utah to get a degree in kinesiology.

I want to become a registered dietitian and nutritionist, and even get a license to become a personal trainer which I learned recently is a passion of mine. Researching ways to become healthier really sparked an interest in nutrition for me, and I decided to change my degree from business to kinesiology.