Med One to One Fall/Winter 2023 ISSUE 77

View From the Field - La Mirada, CA


By Dillon Morris

Every day in our La Mirada office looks a bit different. Each and every one of our teammates wear several hats to complete our mission—to offer our customers the best service while delivering equipment in a timely response. La Mirada has the reputation for being the proving grounds for our team. Averaging 800 tickets per month and around 100 hospitals to serve, there is never a moment for downtime.

There are so many moving parts within a day to get the job done. Each and every employee plays a vital role in creating the customer’s experience a positive and effective one. One of the reasons why La Mirada is efficient is because we do not look at orders as transactions. Each of our employees deeply care for the patients we serve. When a stat order is placed for a sick baby in the NICU department, we drop what we are doing and reroute our orders to ensure that the baby is provided with the quickest service possible during their unfortunate times. Having purpose behind every order is the difference in La Mirada.

Our drivers not only deliver the equipment to our customers, but they are the first line of customer service to fix, assist, and respond to any problems our customers may be experiencing. In La Mirada, having 3 shifts that cover 24 hours a day is essential to our success. Having a Dispatcher and Driver staffed during the graveyard shift ensures that our customers will never have to wait for a crucial order that is needed, day or night. If we are not completing orders throughout the night, you can typically find our drivers decontaminating equipment that was returned earlier in the day. We also utilize this time to conduct transfers with other local offices to exchange equipment that may be needed in the future. Graveyard shifts have helped us plan ahead for any future orders needed in all of our Southern California Offices.

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Biomedical Technicians play a crucial role in our operations. Having some of the best Biomed Techs at our local offices provides us an advantage to go above and beyond for our patients. Typically, in a hospital setting, equipment is required for preventative maintenance once every year. To ensure that we are providing the best equipment, our biomed technicians run operational tests and preventative maintenance every time it is returned from a hospital or facility. We can perform up to 100 operational tests per year on one single medical device. Their dedication and motivation to repair and maintain our equipment is just one of the many ways that our technicians create simplicity for the end user. With La Mirada expanding into a new biomed warehouse, it has provided our technicians with more space to complete repairs, inventory parts, and have the tools necessary to respond in a timely manner.

Sharing a common goal with an effective plan has built a great camaraderie through working together towards that goal. It is something that we strive for with every task at hand. Being able to build those relationships and that trust with your coworkers is so crucial to the success of Med One and our office. To be able to see that, with your team, you can make it through the chaotic situations and build trust in one another as we continue to service the end-user. Building that trust from within allows us to better build that trust with our clients and hospitals we serve.

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