Med One to One Summer/Fall 2022 ISSUE 72

ONE Team. ONE Mission.

Written By: Jeff Easton

During the second week of May, I had the privilege of attending and being part of the Annual Meeting for our great company. It was truly a pleasure to be with a majority of the company and to spend time with one another. We had great meetings, discussions, and a guest speaker.

On April 1st, 2022 Med One celebrated 31 years as an organization. We are very excited about this, and it is truly a pleasure to think about the different people, capital partners, vendors, customers, and employees who have made an impact on Med One throughout the years. I have been fortunate to have been a part of Med One for 15 years and have had the privilege of seeing this great company mature and become what it is today. I was employee number 37 and now we have over 210 employees. In my time, here we have grown in personnel alone by roughly 600%.

During the different meetings and events that were held as part of the Annual Meeting for Med One, I thought a lot about each person in our company and about each different person/entity that is served by our company. Our company has done a good job and must continue to improve in all of our areas of business, especially maintaining and improving our customer service internally and externally.

The meetings centered around One Team, One Mission, and our vision and outlook for the Company. We announced Med One University and the great training materials that we have available to each and every employee. We then discussed The Med One Way which embodies being COURAGEOUS in the following ways: Creativity, Observant Listening, United Teamwork, Responsiveness, Above and Beyond, Genuine Relationships, Everyday Do It right, Outstanding Integrity, Unique Patience, and Simplicity. This is truly what Med One is and who each of our employees are striving to become.

With its sole emphasis in the medical industry, Med One has an understanding of the specific challenges healthcare professionals face. The Med One philosophy is simple: determine and exceed the needs of our customers. With every deal, our focus is to provide for our customers' needs by helping them acquire equipment when they lack the funds to pay for it. Whether it's equipment financing or rental, or equipment sales or services, Med One has solutions that work.

Equipment Financing

Creative financing options available with ability to customize for each specific customer.

Equipment Rentals

Peak need, long term, equity rental, and rent-to-own options available.

Equipment Sales

Off-lease inventory of pre-owned equipment and new equipment directly from leading manufacturers.

Equipment Service and Repair

Authorized service provided by our certified biomed team using OEM parts.

Med One is much more than just a finance or rental company. We exist to make medical equipment available with innovative, creative, responsive, and flexible equipment acquisition solutions to help our customers improve and have successful patient outcomes. We have taken the time over the last 31 years to really understand and make it part of our culture to provide outstanding customer service, even if it means saying no or is far less beneficial to Med One.

To finish our annual meetings, we heard from our founders and owners Larry Stevens and Brent Allen. We heard of their care, appreciation, and excitement for what lies ahead for the future of Med One. We are grateful to each of our employees, banking partners, and customers for making Med One the amazing company that it has become and for the privilege we have to help improve and have successful patient outcomes for healthcare industry that we support.